Custom Goes Modular: Creating Your Custom-Designed Home

It may seem like a contradiction in terms to think of a modular home and a custom-designed home as one and the same, but with the creative and efficient building techniques developed by the current crop of upscale modular home builders, it’s easy to construct a unique home off-site, ship it, and assemble it on the homeowner’s land.

Typically, an architectural engineer will sit down with a prospective home buyer and discuss design ideas based on a combination of the customer’s housing needs and the parameters set down by the home builder. Homeowners can choose from a shopping list of features to be integrated into one of a variety of available designs, Once the details are settled on, the home is constructed in sections and then moved to the home site.

One home design and building firm, Bensonwood Homes, combines traditional post-and-beam construction with a unique Open-Build technique. This technique deals with a building as an organized group of systems to be isolated and treated as separate structural elements. The building site, structural envelope of the building, the division of interior space, the electrical wiring, plumbing, heating and cooling fixtures, and the cabinets, furniture and other accessories all can be combined in a specific order in a highly efficient building process.

The result is a high-quality, rugged timberframe home, designed and constructed for many decades of use, created with the kind of speed that only modular building processes can produce-the perfect combination of old and new building techniques.

Choosing Right Home Furniture

A house without furniture often sounds like a flower without fragrance. Furniture takes away the emptiness of a home, and makes it attractive and functional. For those reasons, it’s important to choose the right furniture items that function, add to the appeal, reflect your taste, and provide a great value for the price. It turns out not too many shoppers exhibit satisfaction when they are exploring choices for quality home furniture. One of the major reasons for this dissatisfaction is the lack of priorities that a shopper must set to determine what exactly to look for. Also is there a group of buyers who finds it a nerve-wracking task to select right furniture for their homes out of the multiple choices being offered by internet today.

If you have happened to be facing any of the afore-identified situations, you should seek some guidelines for a better understanding of finding and buying good-value furniture and accessories. Below is brief list of points-to-note to be kept in mind and considered before going on a shopping spree:

Room and requirements: Every house comprises different rooms; the main being living room, drawing room, dining room, guest room, and TV lounge. Each room requires different furniture items for its distinctive classification. For instance, a dining room requires to be filled with a dining table set instead of sofa set whereas a bed room needs to be graced with a dressing-table set instead of a utensil storage cabinet. It is important to determine what room requires what kind of furniture.

Similarly, if you intend to buy a sofa or a cabinet, create an appropriate place for it in your home. A sofa fits well in a living room or a drawing room whereas cabinet should find its way to a bedroom or kitchen depending upon its use.

Furniture replacements: If you decide to redecorate your old home by replacing its furniture with a new line, do it systematically. Choose the living room to begin with, for being the most occupied place of your home. This is where your family members or friends sit, relax, chat and enjoy. Make sure you find and buy living room furniture items in colors and designs that match with the colors of walls and/or floor of your room or house. Once done with your living room, go with the redecoration of a guest room, drawing room, dining room, so on and so forth.

Furniture size: Consider room space before settling on any furniture item. If your room is too large, choose mirrored furniture which will make your room look small.

Wholesale living room furniture: Go for online stores of wholesale furniture where you’ll have more chances to get your favorite furniture pieces at the most competitive prices and get discount deals on your purchases.

A common misconception attributed to cheap furniture is that it is neither durable nor reliable. If truth be written, cheap furniture is the line of furniture that is offered at a cheap price. Quality remains the same though. Hope, you are pretty sure how to choose and buy right furniture for your home now!

Architectural Designed Homes

The homes in the Hollywood Hills are every individual’s dream and to own one of these magnificent homes can cost you too much.

Architectural Designed homes in the Hollywood Hills are the best and the finest in the world. If you are looking forward to spend humungous amount of money for the homes in this region, then it is going to be the best investment that you will ever make. These homes are extremely expensive considering the fact that many top notch celebrities’ stay here.

The area around the Architectural Designed homes in the Hollywood Hills is covered with famous and world renowned restaurants and shopping malls. Most of the people living in these parts are from entertainment business background.

The Architectural Designed homes in the Hollywood Hills are mainly of two to three stories high. The architecture of these homes is simply awesome and breathtaking especially with their tinted and large windows and doors. All the amenities that you can possibly imagine are present in these homes. The amenities that come with these homes are advanced system for security, BBQ system, garbage disposal, microwave oven, dishwasher, centralized cooling system and freezer.

The Architectural Designed homes in the Hollywood-Hills have doors which open directly to the pool and consist of patio outdoor furniture. These homes even have private badminton or tennis courts. These homes also include water sprinklers and fountains which take care of your garden area and you do not require a gardener. These homes are so costly that it might cost you a fortune to own one. But, if you have the money and you are looking from an investment point of view then it is an investment for life.

If you have already taken the decision to buy these magnificent homes in the Hollywood Hills then you need to contact a realtor or an agent who deals with these types of homes. You can also check for over the Internet to get the list of available homes and their prices. Research plays an important part in finding the right home that satisfies all your needs. So, it is better to check the Architectural Designed homes in the Hollywood Hills by yourself rather than depending on someone else. The beauty of these homes will surely prompt you to buy one for yourself.

How to Achieve That Designer Bathroom Furniture Look on a Budget

With numerous magazines and websites showcasing the latest in modern and stylish designer bathroom furniture it is hard not to consider how your own bathroom would look after a pricey designer inspired makeover. Designer bathroom furniture can bring instant interior design impact to any bathroom setting andif you are looking to revamp your existing bathroom luckily there are ways of achieving a designer inspired bathroom without the costly designer price tag.

One way of bringing the unique and elegant appeal of designer bathroom furniture is to add vintage or second hand furniture to the bathroom. Follow this guide and learn how to achieve the look of designer bathroom furniture in your own home.

Hunt down second hand pieces.

Any thrifty interior design expert will know better than anyone else that one of the best ways to find unique pieces of furniture is all about scouring through scrap yards, second hand shops and even charity shops.

A vintage vanity unit or a selection of second hand bathroom cabinets will bring instant individuality to any bathroom setting. As many designer bathroom furniture pieces maintain a unique look, owning a vintage piece will certainly inject an element of designer inspired style into any bathroom setting.

Use your initiative.

While it would be desirable to track down a second hand vanity unit or washstand, if you experience any difficulty in locating these unique pieces fear not as the next way of achieving that designer inspired look in the bathroom simply requires a touch of inventiveness.

When searching through scrap yards or second hand stores remember to use your initiative when uncovering different pieces of furniture – for example, if you manage to stumble upon an antique chest of drawers or dressing table then it is possible to customise these pieces of furniture to make them suitable for the bathroom.

By drilling a hole into a second hand chest of drawers or dressing table, you could easily accommodate a basin on the surface to instantly transform it into a chic designer inspired vanity table to add to your bathroom. The unique appeal of something you have created yourself will no doubt bring serious design flair to your bathroom.

Get ready to polish!

Possibly the main thing to do if you are investing in second hand or antique furniture is to make sure you give the furniture you buy a bit of a make-over before you place it into your bathroom.

While an old washstand or storage unit may look a bit tired and drab when you first buy it, you would be surprised what a quick sandpapering and polish will do to give the unit a new lease of life.

For an even more unique look, you could give the furniture a coat of paint in a complementing colour to your existing bathroom.